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Apply to Phoenix Massage Therapy Schools Houston, TexasPrograms at Phoenix Massage Therapy School in Houston, Texas

The Advanced Massage Therapy Program of 600 Hours has 2 Electives.

Program B: Advanced Massage Therapy Programs 600 Hours

Program B Elective 1:

This is a 500-Hour certification program with 100-hours of courses listed here (24 Weeks Total).

  • RF-1 Reflexology - 30 Hours
  • TP-1 Trigger Point Therapy - 30 Hours
  • TM-1 Thai on Table Massage - 30 Hours
  • BM-1 Successful Body Mechanics - 10 Hours

Program B Elective 2:

This is a 500-Hour certification program with an additional clinic of 70 hours plus Reflexology coursework of 30 hours (33 weeks total).

*Should the student elect the clinic expansion of 70 hours, a $1,500.00 scholorship is awarded at the conclusion of the program.

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