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Certification Program

The Phoenix Massage Therapy School Certification Program of 500 hours is a state approved program leading to Licensure as a Massage Therapist in Texas. License as a Massage Therapist in Texas plus National Certification through NCBTMB (National Certification Board Therapeutic Massage and Body Work). Important to know: At Phoenix Massage Therapy School you will be prepared for the Bodywork Examination which includes the massage portion of the exam plus the bodywork exam. In essence you will be prepared as a Body Worker and a Massage Therapist. The Phoenix Program is a careful integration of the most sought after massage modalities including; Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, and Spa Therapy, among others. Allied sciences include, kinesiology, pathology, and business practices.

MT-1 Swedish Massage Therapy (125 hours)

Swedish Massage is taught from a solid foundation in Swedish techniques both traditional and modern. The student is taught to master the movements through palpatory skills, self massage, massage on peers in class (with feedback following each massage) and through creative techniques in the development of his personal repertoire of strokes. The student is taught the theoretical basis and contraindications/indications to massage. After learning the basic techniques, the student is taught assessment skills and how to specifically tailor the massage to the condition of the client.

AP-1 Human Anatomy & Physiology (75 hours)

The student is instructed in broad, practical aspects of anatomy and physiology. Material is presented at a stimulating but not overwhelming pace. Testing is centered on overall concepts and practical applications. The subject matter ranges from cells and tissues to all of the major systems of the body with special emphasis on the muscular and skeletal systems.

HY-1 Hydrotherapy (20 hours)

Hydrotherapy is introduced in the classroom with emphasis on the principles of hydrotherapy and the effects of water temperature. The various modalities are taught including foot bath, sauna, whirlpool, Swedish shampoo, body-scrub, and salt-glows. A practical day is scheduled for the application of a number of these techniques. This unit of training is scheduled at our Hydrotherapy facility located at 6600 Harwin, Suite 101B.

BP-1 Business Practices & Ethics (15 hours)

An introductory review of the elements required for successfull employment practice.

HH-1 Health & Hygiene (20 hours)

This is a practical course in distinguishing types of pathogens and how they are spread, and when massage may be contraindicated. Students also learn care of equipment, tables, vibrators, and clinic areas and themselves. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Basic First Aid. This class teaches the participant how to recognize an emergency and how to respond according to the American Heart Association or Red Cross training requirements. Students will receive a Certification card for both Adult CPR and First Aid.

MT2 Bodywork Methods/Holistic Principles (8 hours)

An overview of the main bodywork modalities, their history, common origins, methods and suitability for the client. Principles of holistic practices, practitioner kinesthetic awareness.

MT3 Sports Acupressure (19 hours)

Locate the twelve main meridians and vital source points. Meridian massage, Foundation of Chinese Medicine, The four assessments, Yin/Yang Theory, Five Element Theory, Sports Acupressure, and Warm-Up/Cool-Down pre-competition formulas are taught.

MT4 Shiatsu (12 hours)

The Japanese art of "finger pressure" rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This course will introduce the student to the Meridian System of Shiatsu, Yin/Yang Theory, and the directional flow of Ki. The students will also learn a Shiatsu routine for tonifying the Ki and restoring harmony within the energetic systems. The seated Shiatsu Routine is the same as the Chair Massage Routine and may be practiced in a corporate setting.

MT5 Swedish Massage for Pregnancy (12 hours)

Catalog of techniques, variations of application. Contraindications. Modifying factors. Physiological effects on body systems. Refinement.

MT6 Sports Massage Technique (18 hours)

Discover the incredible history of Sports Massage and how to empower athletes to their maximum potential. Learn the types of massage for pre-event and post-event conditioning and rehabilitation. Understand the benefits of stretching and discover ways to make your bodywork empower the athlete so that their highest potential can be achieved.

MT7 Curriculum Integration for Massage Therapy (6 hours)

Herein you will receive a textbook for National Board Review. This book will help to integrate our varied subject matter. You will also learn practical application procedures for NCBTMB and your Texas license.

Integrate structure and function with each of the modalities and review concepts behind the major bodywork methods.

K1 Kinesiology (50 hours)

The in-depth study of skeletal nomenclature, physiology and anatomy. Emphasis on origin/insertion/action of the primary muscle groups. Practical application includes hands-on palpation of all muscle groups, relevant yoga position and weight bearing exercises for each muscle.

BP2 Business Practices & Ethics (30 hours)

The student is taught the basics of organizational structure, motivation, goal setting, success imaging & marketing. Without prior experience in bookkeeping, the student is encouraged to find a competent bookkeeper and CPA from the start. In Ethics, the student is taught the value of honesty and professionalism in his practice, and learns practical means of scrutiny in dealing with clients. He reviews the NCBTMB Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. NCBTMB Code of Ethics, scope of practice, fundamental business and accounting practices, session, record keeping practices, and effective inter-professional communication.

AP2 Clinical Pathology (40 hours)

This course will explore the application of massage for clients with health concerns. You will study Anatomy and Physiology in a way that is applicable to your practice. You will review each Physiological System with emphasis on common pathologies. You will learn how massage and other modalities affect the human body in stress and in health, plus study indications, contraindications, and when to refer.

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